Online Groups

Connect with other parents in one of several Facebook groups created specifically for Thunder Bay parents.


"Thunder Bay Moms is a group where we can discuss or have any concerns with ourselves, children, or anything. A group where mothers come to give support, lean on one another and share our stories..."

"A place to connect with people we've met through Bossom Buddies."

"Thunder Bay Babywearers is an unregistered not-for-profit group dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of baby wearing, as well as proper technique through peer to peer knowledge sharing. Our goal is to share with Thunder Bay families the resources they need to educate themselves on how wear their babies to the greatest effect."

"Breastfeeding support and information by telephone(call or text), email, or at the play group."

"Welcome! Thank you for joining our new group, aimed to help moms connect with each other socially. Feel free to post if you're looking for something particular (women in your area, with kids the same age as yours, stay at home moms, women with similar interests/parenting styles/general philosophies)."


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