Thursday, July 21, 2005

Posted 5:31 PM by Lindsay Hutton

Out there in Slovenia, the action shows no signs of abating. Tim Kerr has been out there working his magic on various projects which includes the next CRAZED FARMERS instalment. However, that's down the road apiece, for now check out THUNDERBABIES. A three piece with a swell line in '77 Lower East Side swing to their raunch. Brane Thunderbaby reckons that his combo provides "real raw and fresh r'n'r music" and he's not wrong. Sending a solid, simple cattleprod-like jag up the arse of what tries to pass itself off as the real deal on this end. These T'babies beat their material until it's a thick paste that's pretty bruising but in a good way. "Don't Try To Shut Me Down" sounds like a Nomads title strapped onto a garage AC/DC lollup. Yep, these three kids kick up quite the racket.