01-Dude Jake
02-Mediocrity Queen
03-Shake Up Baby
04-So Cruel MP3
05-Joe Miller
08-Don't Try To Shut Me Down MP3
09-Cold Chill MP3
10-Love Means Less Than A Word
11-The Strayer
12-Born Into Sight
13-Sad Story

Recorded at KUD Šmarje-Sap,
november 2004
Recorded, mixed and produced by
Grega Deržič
Cover photo Ferucio Hrvatin
Photo on inlay by Peter Nose
Calligraphy: Špela Pogačnik
Design by Marko Avsenak

DEMO K4-411 (CD)2003

01-Shake up baby MP3
02-The Strayer
03-Dude Jake
04-So Cruel MP3
05-Thunderbaby MP3
07-Joe Miiler

All songs by Thunderbabies
except Nitroglycerine

Peter Nose-drums
Alenka Hrvatin-bass, back vocals
Brane Škerjanc-guitar, vocals

Recorded live at K4; rehearsal room
No. 411; 04.06.2003
Recorded an mixed by Grega Deržič
Photography by Ferucio Hrvatin
Design by Mateja Jager
P+C 2003 Bruc Records