»Biography Thunderbabies«

Having a lot of fun at visiting various underground gigs in Ljubljana in our college period, we decided to form a band. There was a lot of trouble to find people with similar musical taste and interest to play in a band. Finally we met Luka Stravs, local punk-rocker and fanzin editor in December 1999 at Demolition Doll Rods gig in KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana. We formed a punk rock band IQ-22 in January, 2000. First rehearsal room was in my apartment. We were a 3-piece, with Alenka on bass, Luka and me on guitars and vocals and no drumer. Thanks to neighbours anyway, we were loudish for a peaceful countryside neighbourhood in the outskirts of Ljubljana.

We played some covers at the begginning: Ramones, Devil Dogs, Real Kids, etc., and than Luka and me started to write our own material. We recorded first demos in February, 2000. Matic, ex Disco Kings drummer was recruited, after we found a rehearsal room in the old house, at Moste-Ljubljana. We shared the rehearsal room with Dicky B. Hardy. We are sincerely thankful to Dicky B. Hardy for their support. Whitout DBH you would probably not be able to hear for Thunderbabies. They helped us to find our first rehearsal place and they took us in their »new« one at K4. We changed name to IQ-Dealers after awhile and we played real fast and melodic punk'n'roll. Matic left the band in 2001 because of different interests and this was first step to disbandment. Luka left, because of his professional career. Alenka and me where at the beginnings again at the end of 2001 and here comes Peter in a first plan. We knew him since high school, but he was guitarist at that time. When we met him in a cold december night, he said that he had bought a new drum set. We all liked underground rock'n'roll bands and this was the way we understood our musical expression. So, we invited Peter to join us. Our main influence was sound of detroit & aussie rock and connection with renaissance of garage rock. We formed the band in February 2002 and named our three piece Sonic Spastic, with Alenka on bass and back vocals, Peter on drums and me on guitar and lead vocals. After awhile we renamed to Thunderbabies. It's a name of our peace Thunder Baby, which directly reflects our musical direction, thunder and lightning.

From that time on we recorded our first demo CD: K4 – 411, 8 songs live demo in our rehearsal room, with a help from our friend and tone master Grega Deržič. K4-411 was recorded in six hours, on 4. June, 2003 and it's out in D.I.Y. production at Bruc records. We played at FV festival 2003 in Ljubljana with bands Deadly Snakes (USA), Rodriguez (A) and Babies (CRO). We were on tour (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria) in 2004 and we worked on material for our first full lenght CD, which was out at the end of last year. We were selected by Radio Student to final tour named Klubski maraton 04 among 86 bands. After tour we headed to studio and we recorded 13 songs wich can be heard on this added piece of cake. When you hear or see Thunderbabies name, know that there's asskicking rock'n'roll band around, trying to make a good rock time for you. So, keep in tuch, if you want to take active part in rocking process of Thunderbabies, if you need anything or want to contact us, just send us a mail, we're on a line.

Stay proud! Brane (Thunderbabies)

Thunderbabies are:
Peter – drums
Alenka – bass, vocals
Brane – guitar, vocals